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    WORKING Script of Vulkan casino

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    Script of Vulkan casino

    Online casino scripts for opening a gambling business

    The script does not require a subscription fee — you do not need to buy a license.
    Buying a php script for an online casino once — you can always use it.
    It is not forbidden to install SCRIPT on several domains (sites)
    This is a working script, it has no binding to the developer’s site. The PHP script is very reliable Naturally there are no vulnerabilities and holes A pure script of an exclusive licensed casino

    WORKING Script for Vulkan casino 2020
    Ready-made scripts for creating your own online casino
    A bunch of modern games

    open source

    Installation instructions in the archive

    Working script of Vulkan GOLDSVET casino-How to upload it to hosting?

    Setting up Vulkan Casino

    How to upload the vulkan script to the hosting

    We upload the files to the server And create a database

    If there are errors — try other versions of PHP

    We register the data from the database

    We prescribe the data for entering the admin panel

    A lot of games Can be connected to “FREE KASSA”

    I register a new user and top up the balance for the test

    If something does not work or is stupid, change PHP I try from 5.4


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