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Inout Homestay Clone Scripts NULLED

$. 99.00

Inout Homestay – Portal script for Recreation and Rental of premises Clone Scripts NULLED


Inout Homestay is a portal script for recreation and rental of premises aimed at providing small business owners with the opportunity to make money from the growing real estate rental industry. We offer an easy and flexible demonstration to users of holiday homes, beach houses, conference rooms/ entertainment venues, etc. With the help of our rental portal script. Features include # Unlimited number of hosts, Travelers and Ads # Advanced search for rented premises based on maps # Mobile (Adaptive) Web Design # Hosting and Superhosting # Effective Calendar management for Hosts # Additional Instant Booking # Additional Credit Balance function # Additional verification of Hosts’ addresses # Internal Messaging Service # Simplified Refund Management # Detection of multiple Currencies and countries # Abuse/Fraud Management # Multiple Income and Payment Options # Reviews and Rating # Custom Categories and Fields # Wish Lists # Multi-language support # Simplicity and security # Stylish and interactive design


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