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I will sell the casino script Goldsvet 8.0 MRS

$. 220.00

casino script Goldsvet 8.0 MRS

The latest version of the GOLDSVET 8.0 / MRS system has been released ( 2021)

Increase performance and reduce the load on the server and database. Several new interfaces. You can read about the updates on the official website.

The script is fully decrypted and untied from the goldsvet license.

The engine core has been updated, plus fresh games have been added.

(1) THERE is NO BINDING TO THE DOMAIN (the script can be resold)
(2) All games are open source
(3) All games work on the computer and phone Naturally the games are in html5
(4) More than 1000 games (archive weight is almost 36GB)
(5) Instructions for installing and configuring the script

If you don’t want to figure it out, we will install and configure the script ($50).


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