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Clone PHP Script Online Casinos betkubi + Sports betting

$. 750.00

Clone PHP Script Online Casinos betkubi + Sports betting

Clone PHP Script Online Casinos betkubi + Sports betting


Pure powerful betkubi script – Sports betting + Casino

The script has 3 languages English, Portuguese and Chinese (Casino script and sports betting for countries – Brazil, Philippines, Taiwan)

Open source – there is documentation on installation and configuration.

There is a built-in Sports betting module – You can connect the API – there are instructions.

A bunch of payment systems to choose from for different countries.

Casino games are PIRATED (not encrypted) everything works! More than 500 of the top casino games.

If you have problems with the installation, you lack the skills of a programmer. Send the installation instructions to the technical support of your server – they will help you set up the server for free. We can also help you with the installation and configuration of the script. Write to the technical support of our website in telegram.

The casino game script and the sports betting module are fully operational. Your server costs + connect the sports betting module (YOU CAN NOT CONNECT) api – it will cost about $ 80 per month.
Casino games are ONLY YOURS, you set up the winning amounts yourself and do not pay any commissions to anyone. Payment systems are connected for free simply by registration without documents.

This is a pirate casino. Payment systems are also focused on illegal activities. More than 40 payment systems for different countries. You can connect Africa, Arabs and a bunch of things. The documentation contains recommendations and features of working with payment systems.


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